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– Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No. You are completely free to cancel service at any time. We do ask you to sign our Non-Compete Agreement. We will show this to you after we complete your walk-through.

What exactly is our Non-Compete Agreement?

This form covers all of the logistics for setting up and continuing your service:

-Your contact information
-Our contact information
-Date when we’re going to start
-Type of cleaning we will be doing in your home
-Price of initial cleaning
-Price of cleaning your home on a recurring basis
-Price of any additional services you have added

The non-compete part of the agreement is that we ask you to not hire any of our employees for 1 year after they have been separated from our employ. Our employees sign a Non-Compete Agreement as well.

Other bullet points on the Agreement:

-We try very hard to send the same maid for every cleaning but occasionally a different Cleanician is sent. (We will notify you in advance.)
-Payment is due at time of service.
-If we are locked out of your home or you have canceled your cleaning without giving a 24 hour notice, the charge is 50% of your regular fee. This is to pay our ladies who rely on this income.
-Dealing with bounced checks.
-Handling the next cleaning when a cleaning is skipped.

We will give you a copy to keep in our folder for your reference!

If you have any questions about our Non-Compete Agreement, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, give us a call or shoot us an email.



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