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What’s a ScoreSheet?

The ScoreSheet is a big part of making sure we are consistently doing a good job for you. Your Cleanician leaves one at your home at the close of every cleaning. She uses this to make you aware of any notes that she’d like you to know about. For example, she may tell you of a special task that she did. Or she may write about the stubborn spot that she could not remove in the shower or she may just wish you a great day if there were no notable occurences in today’s cleaning. Most of our clients work during the day so they do not see their Cleanican on a regular basis; this is one way we like to stay in touch.

After her note, there is a section for you to fill out (if you are so inclined). In this area, you can let her know your thoughts on her cleaning for that day. Feel free to be as frank; she welcomes your critique. She will pick the ScoreSheet up at her next visit and make note of any remarks you have made. She will also turn it into the office so we can be kept aware of your thoughts and preferences.

The ScoreSheet is just one of the many ways we strive to serve you with excellence.



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